Friday Felines

It’s not the best picture but…


.. it perfectly sums up the relationship between this dastardly duo.

When Mom first started talking about getting a kitten, her main worry was how Jem would react. She was fine with Tibbi, but would her prey drive kick in with something smaller? Would she play too rough?

But pretty much since the beginning, Jem and Winnie have got along famously. Mini Winnie thinks she’s a big dog and is more than happy to play just as hard as Jem. It’s going to be fun watching this friendship grow.

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. When I volunteered at a rescue inside a big box store, one day a man arrived with his dog, and he wanted to pick a cat to adopt…for his dog! Of course, we didn’t allow the dog inside the cat area, but the man knew the exact purrsonality that was needed, and we had reports afterward that man, dog, and cat were living happily together! I think Angel would LOVE to have a dog; she just doesn’t like cats.


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