Gather round the garden

Though the week has been hot and humid, I still take some time to get out every day to inspect and water the gardens.

They really are at their height right now. While the roses hate the smothering humidity, the rest of the plants do alright.

IMG_7710The daisies are in fine form. Last year the earwigs did a number on them, but this year they are looking good. I’ve got two big bunches, started from seed the first year I was here and they’ve really done well.


The orange day lilies are just starting to put on their show.  Though I love all my  other fancy lilies, I don’t think my  garden would be complete without these guys. They were such a staple of my childhood, and they are so easy to grow.


It’s going to be another stellar year in the berry department… and it won’t be long before I have fresh raspberries for breakfast every morning. Even the blackberries are looking fantastic this year.


The Tickseed has just started to bloom and is adding a nice pop of colour to the Sidewalk garden.


And I’m so happy these Burgundy Blanket Flowers came back. They got some sort of mold last year and I thought I’d lost them. But look at them now.


As you know, I have Coneflowers in many colours, but these Strawberry Mango Smoothie ones were the last to flower last year, and the first this year. The plant seems to love it’s spot and is really showing off.


This little pink Bee Balm is new this year and it’s just a riot of pink. I’m wondering if it’s going to stay small and compact like this or get tall and leggy like the purple one I have. I guess time will  tell.


New this year is are these pretty burgundy shamrocks… and just look at all those blooms.

Now if only this horrid humidity would abate, I could really get out and enjoy it all.



7 thoughts on “Gather round the garden

  1. Araignee

    Isn’t this humidity horrible? I am in a fog even inside in the AC. It just sucks the life right out of you. Your blooms are so pretty this year. I think the haze is getting to my impatiens. They are looking a little moldy already.


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