In the lead

I am happy to say, all those little four inch blocks used as leaders and enders has really paid off. I’ve now got a box of 15 scrappy little four patches.


I’ve laid them out and it will be enough to make a nice lap-size quilt. Or at least it will be once I have the HSTs to match up with them. Unfortunately, I don’t have the material for that, and it’s going to have to wait until payday.

But that means I don’t have any leaders and enders for my current projects until then… and that just  won’t do.

Luckily, in some of the fabrics, I had quite a few four inch squares and I set them aside in sets of four and five.  It takes a little more organization than those scrappy four-patches but…


It looks like I’ve now got a nine-patch L&E quilt on the go!

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