Pigs in a blanket

A few weeks back, one of Mom’s coworkers brought her in a garbage bag full of fabric. His mother was a quilter, but can no longer do it, and she wanted her stash to have a good home. Mom decided to give most of it to Rowan and Paisley for their quilting endeavours. But before she took it to them, she asked me to go through it and see if there was anything I wanted.  Inside were four rail fence blocks that were obviously intended to be made into a baby blanket.
While there are no babies in the making around here, I knew it wouldn’t take me long to put it all together, so I got to it.IMG_8210The yellow sashing was from my stash, and it was the perfect shade to match one of the fabrics in the block. There was still a chunk of the purple batik from the blocks in the bag, so I added it as a four inch border, and voila – instant baby blanket! (Well… it took about an hour, so no quite instant, but close!)
Since there are no babies on the way in these parts, I decided to donate it to Natalie and Bee Meadow Farm to raffle off as a fundraiser. It wasn’t until after I contacted her about it that I realized that that yellow fabric in the blocks…IMG_8211Has piglets! You may not know it, but Natalie’s adventure as a rescue farm more or less began with pigs! It couldn’t be more perfect!
And that little floral fabric beside it…. there was enough of that in the bag for the backing!
So this little top is up with Mom. As soon as she’s finished quilting her current quilt, this one will be done, and then I can get it off to Natalie!


14 thoughts on “Pigs in a blanket

  1. I just love the purple and yellow together. What a great combination, especially those tones. The piglet fabric is really adorable, even if you didn’t supply the back story. This just is way more special!


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