Three random things on a Tuesday

Random thing #1:
When we moved here about five years ago, Dave was delighted to discover there was a Scottish Bakery down the street where he could get fresh Scotch pies. He’d go a couple times a month and get himself a few pies, and some sausage rolls.
But this summer the lovely couple who ran it decided to retire, and the Scottish Bakery became a British grocery run by a lovely new couple from Manchester, England.  However, while he can still get his sausage rolls, they no longer carry as many pie flavours, and Dave’s favourite – Steak and Kidney – got axed.
So silly me thought… how hard can it be to make them? The answer… not as easy as you’d think. First… kidneys are disgusting… cutting them up is gross (and I’m not normally squeamish about that), and they smell terrible as they cook. The hot water pastry required to make nice stiff pie pots takes a little practice and a few sneaky tricks not listed in the recipes.
But in the end I managed it.IMG_3545.JPGDave got nine little handheld pies and there was enough filling leftover to make my Dad the “English” version with puff pastry on top.
It was a hit with both Dave and Dad… and now Dad is requesting Cornish pasties… what have I gotten myself into?

Random thing #2
Years ago, I rescued a dying spider plant, and for the last little while, it’s been popping out babies left and right. I’d found containers for most of them, but I still had three hanging (and teasing Burton) when I came across the cutest little teacups at the grocery store.IMG_3552They are the perfect size for the spider babies. The white ones are staying with me, which little red fox is going to live with Mom.

Random thing #3
Dave has a Money Tree. It was a gift from a student, and has lived at the school since it was given to him five or six years ago. Dave is now leaving that school so he brought the Money Tree home…37963619_10160643437915243_1907223164576858112_nI’m beginning to understand why our finances are in the state they are! I’m trying to nurse it back to life and see if we can get a little more prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Three random things on a Tuesday

  1. I like your randoms! The baking adventure is very brave of you!!! Great job!
    The tea cup spiders is very cute. The money tree is pitiable! lol My mom had one that grew too big for in the house-literally up to the ceiling!!! I will ask her for a few tips for you!


    1. That pastry was tricky! You need to keep it warm while you mold your pies over a glass, but getting them back off the glas when they cool is a nightmare. Thankfully, we’ve got google! I learned that you can keep your pastry warm by placing the bowl in a pot of hot water. And if you flour your glass first, shape your pie, and stick the whole thing in the freezer for a few minutes, getting them off in one piece and still shaped right it much easier!

      As for the money tree… I don’t have high hopes. But I’m trying! ________________________________


  2. I LIKE those three things.

    (Organ meats of ANY kind smell awful while they cook. My mom once burned a pan full of the stuff inside a turkey — heart, liver, gizzard. We didn’t even bother trying to clean the pan. It was trashed.)


  3. Fun post Val. Yuck for organ meats. My Mom (English heritage) once made a steak & kidney pie for dinner. No one ate it and the horrible stench seemed to hang around for days. I love those little cups for the spider plants. Clever and fun. LOL about the money plant and the state of your finances. Nurse it back to health Val!


  4. Araignee

    Oh, those little pies!!!!!!! They looks so yummy. I used to cook gizzards and kidneys for the old doggies and yes, they are yucky!!!


  5. Shirley

    I think your pies were definitely a labor of love!!! I shudder to think of it. Love the teacup plants and good luck with the money tree.


  6. Bravo for making the little pies: I think you’ll have a standing order for them. My Mom prepared organ meats infrequently. I can tolerate liver and onions. She also fixed tongue (it’s good sliced for sandwiches).


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