Taking stock

As you know, I’ve always got several projects on the go, both sewing and knitting. I’ve got ravelry to help keep my knitting projects in check, but nothing for the sewing

On the weekend, I decided it was time to tidy up the studio and take stock of where everything was at.

I currently have five projects on the go:

  • Disappearing hourglasses: This project still doesn’t have a proper name, but it’s nearing completion, just a few more stars to go.
  • Autumn in the Country: Currently awaiting borders – which means a trip to the fabric store so it’s on hold until next pay.
  • Scrappy cabins: Sadly neglected.. but I promise to get back to it soon.
  • Leader & Ender project 1 (Four patches): All the four patches are done. They now need their HSTs, which I want to do all the same (white on one side, and black and white fabric on the other side). But I need some more fabric for that, so this project is on hold for now.
  • Leader and Ender project 2 (Nine patches). These are going swimmingly and I can usually complete a couple every time I’m in the studio sewing.


The nine patches are made from 4 inch blocks so the finished block is a good size (about 11 inches), so they are building towards a quilt pretty fast. I plan to put 4 inch sashing between each block, so I already have enough for a lap quilt… but I also have enough squares for several more nine patches, so I think I’ll just keep going for now.

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