FO: Longbranch


They are done! And I love them!


The stitch pattern does require a little more attention, but it creates a lovely little branching lace pattern, which is flanked by simple eyelet columns up the sides


The yarn used was our Twisted Top Cat and oh my, it’s so lush, and so nice to knit with. And of course, it feels wonderful on. The colourway is Spriggand, and I love all the little bits of blue and grey with the wonderful shades of sage green. This pattern really benefits form a yarn that’s not too busy, and would look great in a solid or semi-solid too!


But now that these are off the needles, I think I need to put the last two designs of the e-book on hold for a month. I’m really behind on my fair stuff and I have to get my butt in gear if I want to have enough worth entering.

And apparently I have a cat in need of attention…



9 thoughts on “FO: Longbranch

  1. So so pretty. Your always hit one out of the park with your sock patterns. No surprise here that you blew me away with this pair! again. Im not a shoe person, but I always want YOUR shoes when you model them with socks


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