Twinkled out

The Disappearing Hourglass blocks are done!


I have 30… enough to cover the top of my Queen-size bed, and more than I can fit in the picture! I planned to do 36, but I cut one wrong and totally screwed it up (once you do that, there’s no way to salvage it). I could so 35, but to be honest, I’m really over these blocks. They look amazing, but I just really don’t want to sew another one. And with a border or two, it will be more than big enough with 30 blocks.

Once I get these all trimmed (not looking forward to that), I’ll start assembling the top. This project has been in the works since the beginning of April, so it’s nice to see it finally coming together.

8 thoughts on “Twinkled out

  1. Trimming blocks is a tedious (a chore I don’t enjoy) but necessary step in quilting. Work on ten at a time and it will be easier to manage. The blocks are going to make a stunning quilt.


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