Making friends

You may remember, around this time last year, I posted that my favourite festival had returned to it’s original location. Last year, I took Miss Lily, but this year I was flying solo.

I hopped the bus and headed to my teenage stomping grounds. (Hard to believe it’s been 20 years!!!) I was greeted by the site of my favourite fountain.


It was a horribly humid day, and I was more than a little tempted to join a few of the younguns’ that were splashing around in it’s base. Instead, I settled for saying hello to a couple old friends


I love those ducks. And of course, the turtles!


There’s even a rock song about those turtles! And one or two of them have even been stolen!

I think the heat was keeping people away. It was much busier when Lily and I went last year.


The midway was looking a little deserted.


There were more people over at the stage, though it was early for the big performers. The Sam Roberts Band was slated to play that night.


Back in my day (Oh gawd, I sound old!) the bands played at the grand old Bandshell. I understand why they’d want a more modern stage,  but it’s a little sad to see the old stage neglected during the festival. I’ve seen a lot of good acts on that stage.

After roaming around for a bit, I met up with the wonderful Krista (Wren’s Mom), and her parrot Abby.


Krista is a volunteer with Friends of the Aviary. She was there helping out with their booth.

She was also kind enough to offer me a lift home. By that time I was pretty much melted into a puddle, and was more than happy for a little bit of a/c.


Of course, I couldn’t leave without getting myself a little festival bling! This time for my ankle.

9 thoughts on “Making friends

  1. Araignee

    OMGawd! That’s my parrot Rosie. Grays really do all look alike!!! I just gave her a bath this morning and right now she’s pretty pissed at me.


  2. Shirley

    Love your festival bling! It is very hot and humid here in Virginia. The festival looks wonderful and I probably would have at least had my toes in the fountain water.


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