August garden update

Although the heat has given no let up, it is definitely beginning to feel like we’re on the far side of summer.


The blackberries are ripening. I get a handful or more every day, and it’s looking like I’ll have enough to make blackberry jam this year.


The Sedums and Stonecrops are starring to bloom – a sure sign of late summer. This one is one of my new ones and it’s giving the front garden a lovely touch of bright pink.


The roses are starting to bloom again. They always seem to take a bit of a break mid summer then come back mid-August and show off until mid-fall. This beauty is, of couse, my wonderful Blue Girl.


I mentioned before that I’d need to bring my Burgundy Shamrock in for the winter. I found this pretty little planter at a local florist. It should keep it nice and safe inside.


My Toadlilies have also started to bloom.  In the past, they’ve always bloomed in September, but this is a new one, so maybe it blooms earlier. Either way, I love these little guys.


Of all the sunflower seeds I planted this year, I only got one to grow. (Other than my surprise Sunflower). This is a dwarf sunflower, it’s only about two feet tall. But there’s one problem… It was suppose to be crimson… not yellow. But oh well… it’s still cheery.


The grocery stores have started putting out their Mums, and I couldn’t resist bringing this one home. There’s just something about the combination of pink and yellow that makes me smile!



8 thoughts on “August garden update

  1. That mum color is so pretty. I’ve started to think of what I should put in the planters for fall. MUMS are a definite. But, what color??????

    Oh such a great dilemma to have! LOL



  2. Mums remind me of back to school….mixed emotions even as a grown up!!
    Your flowers have flourished overall! I am overjoyed to have kept Zach’s very large cactus plants alive while he was in MExico for two years. Oh the pressure. I swear. Somehow in my wintered over geranium, a squash is growing. It is the oddest thing. We’ll see how far it gets. It has a blossom….What a kick!


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