FO: Sleeping Lion Slippers

What a weekend of drama!

I don’t believe I mentioned it, but a few months back, I got a new car. Well not really a new car – we just decided to keep Dave’s old car (when he got a slightly newer one), and it should be enough for me to run errands in without too much trouble or cost.

But it is an old car – a 2002 Buick Regal (aka grandpa-mobile), with eleventy billion miles on it. Things are going to break occasionally. And Saturday afternoon, as I left Mom’s, I noticed a bad smell and a weird rubbing noise.

Thinking it was a stuck caliper (a problem I’ve run into on a few other cars) I got back to Mom’s and called Dave. He had just enough time to get to the parts store before it closed, pick up a new one.

Only when he got up to Mom’s and got the tire off.. it wasn’t the caliper… the spring had sheared off.  And the jagged edge was wearing a groove on the inside of the tire (accounting for the noise and the smell).

Luckily, we had an extra tire for the car, but we didn’t have a spare spring!

So we came home with the plan to get the spring the next day, and head back up to Mom’s to install it.

Not long after we got home… I heard water running onto the floor… our 40 gallon fish tank had sprung several leaks, all at once!

We spent the next hour bailing the tank, swapping out buckets that were catching the leak water, getting the fish into a spare tank, and mopping up the aftermath! What a day.

When it rains it pours (apparently literally in our case!)

Luckily, Sunday’s installation went smoothly, and while Dave was turning a wrench, I was clicking my needles.  And another fair entry is done!

For the Children’s Slipper category, I made these cute little sleepy lions.  When I decided to enter the slipper category, I went on the hunt for a good, quick pattern. I found these.

Sadly, the pattern no longer exists at that link, so I used my favourite Family Slipper pattern, and winged the rest. I decided sleepy eyes would be cuter (not to mention easier) than open ones.

The yarn is some mystery yarn from my stash. I know that it’s got alpaca in it, and I’m pretty sure it came from Mom. But the label is long gone, and I can’t remember anything else about it. But it’s nice buttery yellow colour was purrfect for these dreamy cats.

11 thoughts on “FO: Sleeping Lion Slippers

  1. Araignee

    Oh, no…..what drama. Poor you. We have had tire issues all weekend too. The Mister had to get new wheels put on his old truck. First they were not aligned properly so we had to take it back. Then the sensors wouldn’t work so we had to take it back.Then it was something else I can’t remember. In short, the truck has been in and out of the shop all week and a simple wheel change because of rust issues ending up costing LOTS of money and lots of time running back and forth.
    LOVE those slippers!!!!!!


  2. Oh dear. Your moons or stars better realign quickly Val. WATER and Car issues in one weekend. Other the other hand, why not get those two events over with at once! SORRY. Your slippers are so darling!


  3. Those slippers are adorable! And I especially love the fact that they’re sleepy lions!
    And oh, my, your luck these days… Hoping for things to run smoother for you!


  4. One of my engine mounts was broken, which accounted for a ‘clunk’ noise, but I was sure it was a spring! Here’s hoping your old car gets fixed without any barked knuckles, and that the fish tank can be sealed up again and back to work, holding water and fishies INSIDE!


  5. Sorry about the car trouble. We have gone through tires since moving to Indy. I think the tire companies seed the roads with nails! All 4 cars have had an issue, with out daughter’s Veloster have all 4 tires replaced in less than 6 months! The slippers are adorbs!


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