Little stitchers

Mom had the munchkins this past week (though they aren’t really munchkins and more… one is 10 and one is 15… how did that happen?).

They, of course, hit the sewing machines.

Miss Paisley made this rather complicated clutch wallet.

When they showed me the pattern, I was dubious. It looked crazy difficult. But I should know better. Miss Paisley is exceedingly bright and excels at anything she puts her mind to.

Miss Rowan rummaged through Mom’s charm pack collection and made this very fashionable tiered skirt.

It’s from this MSQ tutorial, and you won’t be surprised to know that Miss Rowan did mostly  by herself. She had a little help from Mom on the gathering and waist band, but otherwise it’s all her own work.

The talent runs strong in this pair!

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