Sunday strangeness

I’ve shown you plenty of weird things that happen in my garden, but I’ve got a new one for you.

Remember those pretty orange Coneflowers that bloomed a month or so ago…


A nice pretty orange right?

Well a few days went by and they got a little darker orange…


…that’s not totally abnormal… and they were still orange.

But then a few weeks later…


….um… okay… still a little orange around the centre, but those petals are looking suspiciously pink…

and then later still…39032121_10160706908040243_5056854327776247808_o.jpg… definitely pink. Dark pink.

And yes, those are all the same flowers – coneflower blooms last a very long time.

And if you needed more proof…


Here’s the same plant with the old flowers and a new orange bloom…

What a wonderful weird world we live in.



5 thoughts on “Sunday strangeness

  1. So pretty in either color.

    I had an orchid that started out a pale green and as the flower matured it changed to a lovely lilac color.

    Nature ———–she’s amazing!


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