Creature feature

While I love my butterflies, I’m just as thrilled by all the other little visitors we get in the garden. And there have been many this year.

Tiger Bee Fly

A HUGE Tiger Bee FlyRed orb spider

A little Red Orb Spider


A cool Grass Spider


This little red ant snacking on a spider MUCH bigger than itself.


This sweet little white Tiger moth who hung out on the back door for a while one night.


And this cool Bumblebee Mimic Fly.


This little red-legged grasshopper popped up when I was water the gardens the other day.
But this year has really been the year of the Bumblebee.




5 thoughts on “Creature feature

  1. Araignee

    Fabulous photos of the creepy crawlies! We’ve been covered in spider webs since early summer which is odd. They usually don’t start covering the house until early fall. I wonder what that’s about. I do know I am tired of combing them out of my hair.


  2. Fireman had a spider nightmare that startled him and woke us both up. I looked up Animal Spirits. Hmmmm. Some good omen, some not so good. Is he being deceived? Not by me that’s for sure! Is he coming upon change signified with a web? Interesting to see others interpretations of meanings!


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