FO: Leaf love baby dress

Another fair entry is done.


This one for the Baby Dress category. Last year, I walked away with first prize in this category, so hopefully I can do it again.

This time around it’s the Leaf Love dress. It’s a free pattern that only has one size, (0-3 months), but it suited my purposes.

Little Miss Wren has a baby cousin due in November, so after the fair, that’s likely where this will go.

The yarn is once again our Stray Cat  – I love it for baby stuff. Super soft, easy to care for (aka washable), and a dream to knit with. The colour is Aquarium, and it’s a little darker than the pictures show.IMG_9056

Since the buttons are on the back (and baby will more often than not, be laying on them), I opted for some flat crystal buttons from the stash. Like the ones on the Dora cardigan, these ones have just a hint of blue.

The back is just plain, and the whole thing is knit in one piece, so the knitting just flew.  I had this one done in just a few days. It’s a pattern I highly recommend if you need a quick baby present.

8 thoughts on “FO: Leaf love baby dress

  1. Shirley

    That dress is just adorable! WOW – you are like a knitting machine. Cannot believe how many items you have completed for the fair. You should have quite a collection of ribbons from your entries.


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