FO: Sirdar Short-sleeved Cardigan

It’s a long-weekend here in Canada (as it is for our friends south of the border), so you can bet your bippy that I spent it working on fair projects. Here’s the first of the FO lineup for this week!


This is the entry for the Child’s cardigan section. The pattern is “Cardigan with Short or Long Sleeves” (creative, right?)

I chose it simply because I knew it would knit up fast, and I could use yarn I already had on hand – the leftover Stray Cat from the Pumpkin hat.

And while it did knit up fast, it’s not a pattern I would knit again. It’s knit in pieces than seamed, and with some of those eyelets close to the edges, that made seaming a little tricky. Were I to knit it again, I’d rework the pattern so I can knit it seamlessly from the bottom up.


To finish it off, I raided the stash for this little vintage peapod-like button. I’d normally opt for something a little fancier, but I didn’t want to buy just one button, and it’s not like I don’t have an extensive button stash.

After the fair, this little cardi will be tucked away for Wren for Christmas. Once the fair madness is behind me, I’m going to look out a pattern for a sewn dress, and see if I can make her a little something to match it.

9 thoughts on “FO: Sirdar Short-sleeved Cardigan

  1. Shirley

    That is the most adorable cardigan! How neat that the fair entry will become a Christmas gift. Looking forward to seeing what you make to go with the cardigan. Hope it takes a first place. For me, the color alone would make it first place.


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