FO: Lövspetsväska

Here it is – the last fair projectIMG_9244I can’t even begin to pronounce the name (Lövspetsväska), but I can tell you it spells one fun little bag, perfect for the knitted purse category at the fair.


The pattern is simple lace leaves, knit in the round, and I had it knit up in an evening. I used some handspun that mom gave me. Neither of us can remember exactly what it is, but it’s definitely one of her earlier efforts – spun heavier (about worsted) with a lot of thick and thin. She’s much more consistent in her spinning now, and only spins thick if I request it (she prefers lighter weight yarns). I think the uneven bits just add to the charm of the finished project.


Unless you’re knitting a market bag, a knit bag needs a lining (especially a lace one), so I dove into the fabric stash and came up with some suitable fabric. It didn’t take long to whip together a lining and sew it in.


I was going to make some handles, but Mom and I were at Lens the other day, and they had these nifty beaded ones for a reasonable price. I think they are the perfect finishing touch to a rustic little bag!

I will do a post with all the fair items together, but I can tell you I’ve got 19 projects (out of the 21 categories I was hoping to enter). Right now… I think I need to give my hands a wee rest… I am all knitted out!

9 thoughts on “FO: Lövspetsväska

  1. Shirley

    That is such a beautiful bag! The yarn and the design are just perfect. I think the design gives it a bit of a delicate touch. The colors in the yarn are just perfect for those beaded handles. WOW – 19 entries for the fair! That is awesome. Looking forward to your post on that. I am sure your hands and wrists could use a break.


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