September in the garden


We’re back to humid and stupid… but we did get a few days break of cooler (if a little rainy) weather this week, so we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air.


Though it’s already the middle of September, the roses are still blooming. When I started this gardening adventure, I had not idea the roses would be such spectacular bloomers. Such a pleasant surprise!


The pink Delphiniums are blooming again. They have such a delicate-looking flower, but it seems to be a really robust plant.IMG_9217

September means the Sedum is in bloom. If you’re building a pollinator-friendly garden, Sedum is a must. It’s a great source of late-season food for the bees. Plus it’s super hardy and easy to care for – win-win!IMG_9198

Speaking of bees….is there anything cuter than Bumblebee butt?


The Monarch are still hanging out daily. They seem to really love the Butterfly bush and the Purple Coneflowers.


I popped into the local Terra the other day to see what they had left for herbs (I’ve been watching too much Mary Berry lately)… and while I didn’t get any herbs, they did have a few perennials on clearance. These ones are some type of Black-Eyed Susan, but they didn’t have the variety noted. They are adding a nice bit of colour to the front gardens now.


And now that the garden tour is over… I have to go join someone for some scritches.

7 thoughts on “September in the garden

  1. Shirley

    Your photos are beautiful! Even though there are signs of the season winding down, your garden is inspiring. Love seeing how everything is blooming and the new additions. Without a doubt though, my favorite photos are the first and last ones.


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