Bring on Spring

I know what you’re thinking… “Spring?!? Valerie… what’s the rush… we want to enjoy fall!”

And I agree… it’s just when you’re a gardener, if you want flowers…. you have to think ahead…

So I’ve been shopping.


And come spring, hopefully my gardens will be awash with Parrot Tulips!


I’ve mentioned before that Daffodils are my favourite spring flower… but I especially love the ones with pink centres!


An speaking of pink… Have you ever seen Pink Grape Hyacinths…? No? Neither had I … but they’ll be blooming in my garden come Spring!


An I’m always so jealous when people post pictures in early Spring of their Snow Drops. I have to wait until late April for anything to bloom – but not next year!

And thinking even further ahead…IMG_3855

These will be started using the Winter Sow method. I’ve had such luck with it.

Now I just have to think of a way to keep all these goodies safe from you-know-who…



10 thoughts on “Bring on Spring

  1. Thanks for reminding me: I want to plant some bulbs. I’ve heard that squirrels don’t like daffodils. If that’s true, those will be my go-to. Our neighborhood is very wooded, so we have a gazilion squirrels.


  2. Shirley

    You really have an awesome selection of spring bulbs! Your gardens are going to be so pretty. I did not know there were pink grape hyacinths. Daffodils are one of my favorites and I think they are such happy looking blooms. I guess your break from knitting will be spent digging in the dirt. What great therapy.


  3. Michelle Cooper

    What wonderful frilled tulips. It is Spring here down-under in New Zealand. The tulips are going well in our Botanic Gardens, my blue grape hyacinths are flowing and the wind is blowing. Ah – the joy of the Equinox gale force winds every Spring. Please give the cats head scritches from me, Michelle in Wellington, NZ.


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