Rise of the machine

With the fair stuff done, I was eager to get back to sewing. Other than lining the knitted bag, I haven’t sewn a stitch for the past three weeks!

I rectified that by diving into the first Leader & Ender quilt. As you know, all the four patches were done, but I needed to make the HSTs. When Wyoming Breezes did this pattern, she did her HSTs in a mix of red and blue, and it worked out beautifully. I didn’t have enough of anything suitable in the stash, so I made a quick trip to Lens and came home with three different, but similar ditsy florals in black on white.


I figured this would keep it scrappy but coherent.  The white-on-white contrast I had in my stash. Once the HSTs were done, I laid it all out on my design bed.


It’s bigger than I originally planned, but that’s ok. I didn’t worry too much about the placement of the four patches. I mostly focuse on not having two like fabrics side by side… but any more than that and I would have gone batty. I love the way the HSTs blend to create pathways behind the four patches. So I’m calling this one Follow the Leader.


I  found this fun strawberry print in the clearance bin at Lens and there was enough for the back. This quilt is going to be Dave’s grandma’s Christmas present, so I’ve got to get that top together and everything up to Mom’s – ideally by the end of the month!

9 thoughts on “Rise of the machine

  1. Shirley

    The HSTs and four patches create such a pretty design. Love the fabrics you used for the HSTs and so perfect as you did not have to worry about any clashing with the four patches. This will be a beautiful quilt and a real treasure for the lucky lady receiving it.


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