Kitty in the sky with Diamonds

A few months back, Samantha commissioned me to make her another quilt. If you read her blog, you’ll know that her and her family are avid glampers, and they recently found a permanent spot to enjoy their trailer. She wanted a small quilt she could use for those cool nights around the campfire.

So we started looking at fabrics. I tried to talk her into this one. While she thought it was cute, it wasn’t what she had in mind. In the end she settled on Cat-i-tude


And it just so happened that I already had the collection in my stash. I’d bought it back in April, intending to make something for myself. But once I got it, I decided it was just a little too psychedelic for my tastes. I thought I might make Miss Rowan something from it, but nothing was decided. So it wasn’t a problem to use it for Sam’s quilt.

With fabric chosen, it was time to pick a pattern. It took a little while to find a happy medium of what she wanted, and what my skills could manage. But find it we did.


Gimme Diamonds from Four Paws Quilting.

Even though all my project boxes are full – I couldn’t wait to get started on this one. At first, I thought I’d just cut the pieces. Cutting is probably my least favourite part of quilting, so I decided to just get it out of the way.


The cutting for this one wasn’t too bad. So then I thought…. well maybe I should try to put a few of the four patches together…. you know… just to see what’s involved….


And…. now they are all done! Oops.

The next step is laying it out with the big blocks, and assembling the whole top. I’ve promised myself that I need to finish Dave’s Grandma’s top first… so it will be a bit before you see it again.

And yes… as the title suggests… I’m calling this one Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds. Now excuse me, I need to go find an empty project box!

14 thoughts on “Kitty in the sky with Diamonds

  1. Lovely colours in your friend’s quilt, cant wait to see it finished.
    I’ve just found you blog whilst blog-hopping, I’ve skimmed a few posts – love all your crafty projects πŸ™‚ and I’ve added you to my favourite blogs πŸ™‚
    Would be lovely to see you over at mine –


  2. Shirley

    I love the fabrics and the pattern. I think the pattern is wonderful for showing off the fabric to the fullest extent. It also looks like it is a more complicated design. I know you said it went rather quickly for the cutting and assembling the four patches. It will be such a beautiful quilt!


  3. I don’t have boxes for my projects, I just keep stuffing new ones in the one box I have. It’s getting a little full in there! Plus there’s no way to restrict the numbers since I just keep stuffing more in it!! LOL Cute fabrics and great pattern to go with them.


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