Off to the fair

Here it is…


The whole lot! Everything I’m entering in the fair this year.

Yesterday afternoon, before French Class, I trucked it all up to the fairgrounds. The fair volunteers were amazed with how much  I brought.

Judging will take place this morning. Either tonight or Friday night, I’ll head up there again to see how I made out. I plan to have a post for you about it this weekend.

Here’s a quick list of everything I’m entering:

  1. Infant’s dress – Leaf Love Dress
  2. Infants cardigan – Dora Cardigan
  3. Baby Afghan – Bias Afghan
  4. Infant booties and bonnet – Pumpkin Hat and Baby Janes
  5. Children’s Hat/Mitts – Kitty Cat Hat and Mitts
  6. Child’s Cardigan – Sirdar Cardigan with Short Sleeves
  7. Child’s Slippers – Sleepy Lion Slippers
  8. Child’s Toy – Octopus
  9. Teen Hat – Scandinavian Sugar Skulls
  10. Teen Shrug – Hitofude
  11. Teen Gloves/Mittens  – Knotty (not pictured)
  12. Adult Cardigan – Blaster
  13. Adult Shawl – Highgarden
  14. Adult Socks – Aldershot
  15. Adult Hat and Mitts – Wildwood and Mitts
  16. Adult Slippers – Sleepy Bunny Slippers
  17. Boot cuffs – Owl Boot cuffs
  18. Purse – Lövspetsväska
  19. Dishcloth – Special Little Snowflake

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