QotG check-in

First… quick fair update – Octopus and Cardigan were safe and sound on item pick up. Phew! And as an added bonus – Octopus won first place!

Now.. back to business!

QotG = Quilts on the Go

As I’ve mentioned before… I have five boxes that hold my QotGs in their various stages of completion. The idea is that if the boxes are full, I can’t start any more projects.

I’ve been told by many quilters that Leader and Ender projects don’t really count… but they still need a box… and eventually they stop being L&E projects and you have to start assembling them into an actual top (and then you also need a NEW L&E project). Which is, I’m afraid… what’s happened to me.

I already showed you Dave’s Grandma’s quilt last week…. and now the nine patches are all done…


They are quite large, so they will get some simple sashing and a plain border (I’m thiking light blue for both). I’m calling this one Scrappage Patch.

And as for that new L&E project…. I’ve still got lots of 4″ blocks left from the first two L&E projects, so I figured why not make a bunch of HSTs, and put together something like Araignee’s Thangles quilt. It looks fun and crazy and scrappy… just perfect for L&Es.

But now that means I have SEVEN project boxes!!!

The boxes contain:

  • Disappearing hourglasses: This project still doesn’t have a proper name (any suggestions). The blocks are all done, it just needs a free weekend to assemble the top
  • Autumn in the Country: Still awaiting borders – This quilt is for the living room (and we already have two), so it’s not a huge priority
  • Scrappy cabins: Getting closer to being finished… need to finish the last of the green and purple blocks.
  • Follow the Leader: As shown last week, the blocks are all done. I’ve been assembling them into nine patches, one row at a time, so this top should be together soon
  • Scrappage Patch. As mentioned above, the nine patches are all done. Just need to get some sashing fabric, and assemble the top.
  • Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds: Four patches are done. Need a free weekend to assemble the top.
  • Leader and Ender project  (Many HSTs): Just started… got a long way to go on this one.

Gee… I really need finish a couple tops…. STAT!

9 thoughts on “QotG check-in

  1. Araignee

    Whoa….you’re as bad as Daddio was. He kept me hopping trying to keep up with all his designs. The upside is that I am going to have one heck of a big pile of quilts if I ever finish them all.


  2. Shirley

    So glad octopus and cardigan did not get misplaced. Congratulations on another blue ribbon! I think you had an impressive showing. And, WOW, on the project boxes. Will be fun to see the progress. The scrappage patch is going to be a beautiful quilt.


  3. Um you did 19 items for the fair and you have all this going?!? Holy crap. Anyways, I’m just here for Scrappage Patch’s name. That’s awesome. I like how your brain works.


  4. What a relief the items weren’t lost at the fair. The octopus definitely deserved a blue ribbon: it was adorable. L & E projects never work for me because I get sidetracked and they become my major focus.


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