Chasing rainbows

Well, I did it! I managed to resist the urge to start another quilting project. Instead I finished another top!


Cabins  at Rainbow Camp is together! And it went togethe much easier than I expected. As I’ve said before, assembling tops is not my favourite part of making a quilt, but I had this one together in a couple of hours.

I’ve always loved the log cabin block, and I think this layout will bring a lot of cheer come winter!

Technically, it’s not quite finished, as I plan to finish it off with a border all the way around. But I’m waiting until I have the Scrappage Patch top done. I’m hoping I have enough of the blue I bought for the sashing leftover for borders too.

I’m also hoping Lens still has that nice big chunk of rainbow fabric in the clearance bin I spied last time I was there. It would make a perfect back for this!

10 thoughts on “Chasing rainbows

  1. Hurray for another finish! That means you can start *two* new projects! (Or maybe four – is it a geometric or an arithmetic progression? I forget…)
    Your rainbow log cabin is flat-out gorgeous!


  2. Shirley

    Your log cabin quilt is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what you do for the border. Your cardigan yesterday was so awesome!!! I can just imagine how much you enjoy wearing it. It looks fabulous on you. You should be feeling very smug with all the beautiful items you are completing.


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