Des Étoiles Rouges

Yes. I’ve finally named the Disappearing Hourglass quilt. And just in time to…


As the top is complete. For those of you that don’t speak French, Des Étoiles Rouges simply means these red stars… but it sounds so much prettier en francais. Plus, the print fabrics are part of the French General line by Moda, so a French name is apropos.

I am sooooo happy to have this top done. I was really dreading putting it together. Partly because I hate assembling tops. (I also hate cutting, and sandwiching, and quilting… really the only thing  I love about quilting is making individual blocks). You may have noticed that most of the quilts I do have sashing between the blocks. That’s because my blocks are so wonky, that putting them side by side just really shows their errors. But this pattern  wouldn’t look  as good with sashing… so I just had to suck it up.

Also, there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned way of cutting all your pieces first (instead of the sew/cut/turn/sew of this one). Doing it this new-fangled way means you’ve got a lot of biases in play (for non-sewers, that means stretch). I hope this doesn’t provide too many problems for Mom in the quilting stage.

Despite all my worry, the top went together pretty easy… but it’s far from perfect.


Pretty much all of those little corner diamonds are wonky. That’s  probably because quite a few of my stars are wonky too.


But oh well. I’d rather have it on it’s way to being quilted, and one step closer to being on my bed, than still in the sewing room trying to get every intersection lined up.

I had a chunk of plain cream in the stash, and it was just enough for a nice wide 6″ border. The stash also yielded up a print with the exact right shade of red and grey/beige for another 4″ border which brought the quilt up to the perfect size.

That circle print was actually bought, but never used, for the Bear Paw quilt, so it just goes to show that fabric purchases are never wasted!

I still have to pick up something for the binding, but in the meantime, this one is packed in a bag and joining the others in the quilting queue at Mom’s. But you know what that means…. I’m back down to five project boxes! Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “Des Étoiles Rouges

  1. Angela Walter’s famous mantra is “Finished is better than perfect” – enjoy your beautiful quilt!
    (I’ve played with some disappearing four-patch blocks (mainly so I could make itty bitty blocks), but haven’t tried this pattern. It’s on my ‘someday’ list…)


  2. Shirley

    That is such a beautiful quilt! Once it is laundered and puffy and crinkly, the wonky points will mostly disappear. What fun it will be to have this on your bed. It would make me smile each time I looked at it.


  3. What a great name and yes, everything sounds better en francais. ha! Quilting sure seems like a lot of work to me! Beautiful outcomes but the whole process is really overwhelming to me.


  4. Catching up from vacation and slouching off. OMG Those socks are gorgeous! Wish I still knitted socks! And your quilt top is just beautiful! Forget perfection, go for done! And really, most of those issue will not be the focus, the overall beauty will be. Great job!


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