The Empire progresses

I did it!


The first sleeve of the Empire Line Cardigan is complete! Now I know what you’re thinking… “gee Valerie… that sleeve looks a mite short…”

I was looking at it thinking the same thing. But, I followed the pattern instructions exactly. I even double checked. I think the issue lies in the yarn… the original is done in an alpaca/silk blend. If you know anything about those two fibres, you’ll know neither has memory, and they grow a lot. (I made the mistake of making Dave a ribbed sweater in that yarn, and it just kept getting bigger…). The yarn I am using is a merino/cashmere/acrylic blend – it’s just not going to have the same growth. This picture is pre-blocking, so i with the lace, it will open up and lengthen some more, but I have a sneaking suspicion I’m going to end up with 3/4 sleeves on mine.

I can live with that. I generally prefer a shorter sleeve anyway because I like to wear bracelets. I could, in theory, rip back and add  a few extra repeats to the sleeve before decreasing for the cap, but:

a) I really don’t want to rip back, and;

b) I am perilously close to running out of yarn. Now that I’ve finished one sleeve, I know I have enough for the second, but there is also a small decorative edging around the neckline. If I add length to the sleeves, I definitely won’t have enough left for that.

I’m on vacation next week, so I’m setting myself the tentative goal of completing the whole cardigan by the end of it. Of course, I’ve also go plans for sewing quilts, an tutus, and a dress for Wren… and maybe even a visit with Mrs. Samantha… so I probably shouldn’t get too ambitious… A week goes by really fast.




6 thoughts on “The Empire progresses

  1. The texture looks beautiful in that color especially! Man, you really are amazing even with such patterned patterns. All my cardigan/sweater dreams are pretty much stockinette but I’m still sort of frozen in thinking about taking them on this winter.

    I think 3/4s sleeves are great, it will look great with your dresses as well. Have a wonderful vacation.


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