Revision of plans

Here we are, almost half way through the week, and I’ve decided to take a step back…

You may recall that I boasted about possibly being able to finish the Empire Line Cardigan by the end of my vacation.

It seemed totally doable last Thursday, but here we are at Tuesday, and… well.. I grossly over estimated the time I would have to work on it this week.

Saturday, Relic had a vet visit in the morning, and I spent the rest of the day sewing with Mom. Sunday, I was out on an adventure with Wren and her Mom. Monday was Thanksgiving – Dave and I spent it at home, but a good chunk of the day was taken up with  cleaning and doing all the things I didn’t get done on the weekend. And today, I have company.

Now, all that aside, I did manage to get about four repeats done on the last sleeve around all those events… but last night I noticed I’d made some huge, obvious errors, so all that work got ripped out.


I managed to get about a third of it redone, but it was still a pretty big set back.

Now… I could still finish that last sleeve this week if I really focus on it. But you may remember that I’ve got another knitting project with a bit of a deadline… The last pair of On the GO socks.

If I want to release the e-book this year, I need to get the last pair done by the end of October. With my other committments (work, class, sleep, etc) it realistically takes me about two weeks to finish a pair of socks. And while we’re not quite at the middle of the month, we’re getting close. Every minute I spend on the cardigan, is a minute closer to not getting the e-book out this year.

And to top it all off…


I have to go back to the drawing board with my planned design. It was suppose to be a Guernsey-like pattern… but what I’ve charted out is just to small and it’s not showing up as well as I would like. So all this is getting ripped out, and I have to go spend so time with my design program.

I’m afraid finishing poor Empire is just going to have to wait a week or two…

6 thoughts on “Revision of plans

  1. Araignee

    Isn’t that just the way of it. Vacations just seem to get eaten up. That’s what happens when you retire. Your whole life gets eaten up. It’s scary.


  2. I’m with Deb-don’t EVER say you can’t wait for retirement so you can do what you want every day! (It’s like being a kid and saying you can’t wait to be an adult so you can do what you want….!)
    That said, you will get them done all in good time! Cut out the quilting and concentrate on knitting and you will be amazed at what you can do!
    The new sock design will fall in place soon…..


  3. Almost everyone on my blog roll , ALMOST, is ripping. I agree that we will never hold you to a deadline! Your sock patterns are so pretty that they are worth the wait!
    I’just finished a toe on my afterthought heel sock and chose to rip it out. I’d put the decreases in the wrong places in light of where the afterthought heel will be…..
    but Its ok! Im on my porch and we get one more afternoon of warm sunshine.


  4. Shirley

    I had to laugh at your comments about your time/schedule. I am retired and I apparently still think I have more time than I do. I can spend so much time piddling but I enjoy it and can do that now. Just think how smug you will feel when you redesign the pattern and get the last pair of socks knitted and the book completed. Then you can pick up your sweater and enjoy working on it again. Good luck with the redesign!


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