Sunday, randomly

Random thing #1:

While on vacation, Krista (Wren’s Mom) and I headed to check out a craft festival a few towns over. One of the vendors makes amazing handmade stuffies. I saw this sloth and fell in love. I couldn’t leave without him. Of course, as soon as I got home, Burton claimed him for his own.

Random thing #2:

The temps have been quite cool, and I thought all the butterflies were gone until spring. But the other week, I went out and discovered one last Monarch lingering on the Butterfly Bush. I hope it gave him enough nectar to finish his journey!

9 thoughts on “Sunday, randomly

  1. THere is just one toy that seems to be a winner here at our house. An octopus like woobie in purple. It belongs to Tank. I gave it to him when he was Allison’s kitten. He still loves it. I find it swatted around different rooms when I wake up. I never actually see the playing but obviously it happens


  2. I was talking to a master gardener (well, she was sitting in the Master Gardener tent!) and she said Monarchs are still hanging on, but with this new cold front, they should all be winging their way to the warm parts of the world!


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