Friday Felines

About a year or so ago, I bought a special piece of pet furniture. It was bought specifically for Peno, as she likes to sit beside Dave as he stretches out on the futon, but there’s not really enough room for both of them.

He keeps the Cube beside the futon, and every night Peno joins him as he settles in for some TV watching. And while she does enjoy curling up on the top bed, she’s surprised us by also taking over the “cave” inside.

This is a cat who would never enter a hole unless she was sure there was another exit. We’ve had countless piece of cat furniture with caves and she’s never bothered with one until now.


Pretty much every afternoon I can find her snoozing in there now. And obviously, I’ve disturbed her! Such a bundle of tortitude!!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Shirley

    She is such a beautiful cat! I have a five year old cat that I rescued as a feral kitten. Undoubtedly, the sweetest cat I have had but she will not go in an enclosure like you mentioned. There may still be hope from your experience with Peno.


  2. She’s a beautiful cat. I love that she likes things how she likes things, and this is her branching out of her old man territory, getting into enjoying an actual feature of the furniture as designed. LOL It’s a great photo too.


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