Ring around the rosey

It was a tough year for my roses this year. First, late winter was harsh and I lost both Queen Elizabeth and Tournament of Roses.

I thought I lost Blue Girl and Chicago Peace too, but they both pulled through. But this summer was very hot and humid, and though Chicago Peace is normally a prolific bloomer in June and July, I only got a handful of blooms.

She always shines in October though. Making the most of the waning sunshine, she’s really in her glory now – popping out blooms everywhere.

It won’t last much longer. The frost will hit any time now. But I’ll enjoy every single bloom until it does.

8 thoughts on “Ring around the rosey

  1. Araignee

    That is such a beautiful rose. I miss having roses. The climate here is changing so rapidly I don’t even know what to plant anymore. It’s as if the equator has shifted. We are becoming the Amazon in the summer and the Arctic in the winter. I feel sorry for the farmers.


  2. Yes, this summer was really hot and humid in our area also. It wasn’t very good for our garden either. We are glad you are able to enjoy some blooms before the cold comes around. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


  3. Shirley

    Your roses are beautiful! Actually, it seems like overall your garden has done really well. In my area, it was not a good year for so many things – too much rain initially, then no rain, too hot, etc. Just strange weather which was not conducive for growth for so many plants.


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