Marketing the farm

Friday, I had an appointment downtown, so I took the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places… you know it – I’ve posted about it before…. The Hamilton Farmer’s Market.

I arrived just in time to see the Knight’s jousting around the famous Birks’ Clock.


I’m actually not a big eater of fruit and veg, but there’s something wonderful about seeing it all set out in baskets.


I expected there to be more pumpkins and fall veg, but this was the only vendor with a decent display…


And because the market is indoor and year round, there’s also a great selection of other vendors, including meat, fish, eggs and…


Mmmm cheese heaven!

But you all know what I really love the market for…


I treated myself to a little seasonal bouquet…


(I just love that little cabbage!)

I also picked up a little cactus…


For this cute little hedgehog who used to have a candle in him! Now he’s really spiky!


8 thoughts on “Marketing the farm

  1. Shirley

    Your farmer’s market looks delightful – even without a lot of fall items! Such a treat to have a farmer’s market with indoor vendors. The cactus in the hedgehog is so neat.


  2. I need to find an indoor farmers market for the winter here. THere must be one. My nieghbors gave me a live mum plant and it lasted and lasted. We put it in the ground finally on Friday in the sunshine. Hopefull todays mists and rain put the seeds and mums to sleep.


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