FO: Burlington

Yes! The last pair is done!

And done by my self-imposed deadline. My photographer is booked (for the weekend after next) and I need to get to typing up all these patterns!

But before I do, I’m just enjoying that I’ve finally finished the knitting. These were done in House Cat in Aqua – and it’s the perfect cheery colour for these dreary fall days we’ve been having. It also works great with the simple texture of the pattern.

I kept the foot plain to really let the leg shine, and I think it looks fabulous.

Now… lets see if I can get that cardigan done (at least the pieces, if not the sewing up) done by the end of the month… just a few days to go!

9 thoughts on “FO: Burlington

  1. jatshaw

    Nice pattern. It looks like a fun knit, too. I finally figured out how to get your “new” blog into my feed. Hurrah. Also, I am using some of your yarn for socks and love working with it.


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