Kitty top

I love it when a top comes together!


It was grey and gloomy this weekend, so  I put it to good use. I finished binding a quilt (you’ll see if on Thursday), I did a little knitting, and I finished the Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds top.

I have enough black for the binding, I just need to get some backing fabric. But there’s no rush. Samantha has closed up the trailer for the season, so I can keep looking for the perfect backing. Mom’s got a long list of tops to quilt, so I should probably let her catch up too.

But with this top off my WIP list, and technically onto Mom’s, that means I’ve got the QotGs back under control:

  • Autumn in the Country: I’ve got all the fabric I need to finish this up. If the week is quiet, I’ll probably get this one out of the way.
  • Cabins at Rainbow Camp: If I get lucky, and get more than one quiet day this week – I’ll finish this one too. The squares just need to be trimmed and assembled.
  • Scrappage Patch. I got a pretty light sky blue for the sashing, so this top won’t be a WIP for long wither
  • Dissapearing nine patch batiks: This one still needs a name. And all those nine patches need to be chopped up so they can disappear and be sewn back together.
  • Leader and Ender project  (Many HSTs): The HST pile is growing. I’m trying to trim as I go, so these don’t get too out of hand.

Wow… looks like I could have a few tops done soon… and that means I get to start new quilts!


12 thoughts on “Kitty top

  1. I gave myself permission to start 3 new tops, but they are just wallhanging or mini sized, so they are not long term. Now, if I could just get on a schedule of quilting tops that are already finished!! I think I have 5 small and 2 big!! The bigs are going to get farmed out or I will get enough courage to rent a long arm and do them myself. I have 9 small and 2 big? How can that be!!! Eek!


  2. Shirley

    The quilt top is just beautiful! I am surprised how much the black adds and a black binding will be perfect – especially for a travel quilt. You are as prolific with quilting as you are with knitting, Love seeing your projects as the progress.


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