FO: Follow the Leader

Here we are, on the the far side of Hallowe’en. It’s time to really starting thinking about that ‘C’ word….

I’ve already got a few things done for Christmas, but I am especially happy to have this one out of the way nice and early


As you know, this quilt started as a Leader and Ender Project, sewing up all those four patches as I worked on other quilts. They piled up quickly, and in no time, I had enough to make a nice sized lap quilt. The white in the HSTs is a subtle white on white print, and the blacks are actually three different ditsy floral prints. They blend nicely, but don’t take away from the scrappy feel of the quilt.


Leftovers from those prints got cut and sewed together for the binding. This cute strawberry fabric was found in the clearance bin, and I think it makes a fabulous backing.

For the quilting, Mom got out her gadgets (in this case, special quilting rulers), and did two different types of continuous curves. I gave her free reign to do what she thought best, and I think the result is spectacular.


Now it’s all folded and tucked safely away until Christmas when it will be gifted to Dave’s Grandma.

14 thoughts on “FO: Follow the Leader

  1. Shirley

    That is a beautiful quilt and Dave’s Grandma will love it! The quilting design is so perfect for the four patches and HSTs. Love the way it all came together and the white on white and black with white fabrics just pull it all together.


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