Making Christmas

With the fair, ebook, and Empire Line projects finally out of the way, it’s time to start focusing on Christmas knits. I don’t have a tonne planned for this year, and a few are already completed (as fair projects they did double duty!).

All that’s left is two pairs of heavy ocks, and four hats. Nothing I can’t whip up in the time that’s left until the big day.

Since the socks are heavy, and will knit up really quick, I decided to focus on them first.

The first pair is already half done.


The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran – colourway is Blue Tit. If they look a little familiar, I made Dad a similar pair for Father’s Day earlier this year in the Owl colourway.

Both Dad and my brother love heavy socks, so these are always a hit. Once this pair is done, I’ll start on Dad’s.

9 thoughts on “Making Christmas

  1. Shirley

    Yah for you!!! Sounds like no last minute rush for Christmas. Love those socks. The colors are just beautiful and beg for a pair of jeans. What a great gift!


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