Garden surprises

I know I said the other week that that would be the last for the garden… but I wasn’t quite right. Though we have had some pretty freezing temps the last week or so, the last of the Toad Lilies still managed to bloom.

I may order more come spring because I just love these little guys!

And despite the frost, these little guys were still trying to bloom. Clockwise from top left: Dianthan, Snapdragon, Beard Tongue and Stonecrop.

And you may remember how beautiful the last of my Chicago Peace roses were…


Well before the frost hit, I cut the last few budded stems and brought them to bloom inside.


What a difference! You’d never know they were from the same bush!

Any surprises outside your house?

5 thoughts on “Garden surprises

  1. Shirley

    Your garden is truly amazing! Who would have thought there would be roses mid-November. It is so neat that Burton plays fetch – even on his own. What a wonderful cat!


  2. Araignee

    I can’t believe the blooms you still have. Everything here is dead or dying. It’s been pretty cold for this time of year. We went from summer to winter.


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