Another fall hike

Last Sunday, I pressed my good friend Aneesha into service to help me get pics of all the socks for my pattern ebook.

Both of us felt we hadn’t seen much of fall, and the spot where I wanted to take pictures is along the Bruce trail where we hiked last year.  We were hoping to see a wonderful autumn bounty, but once we got there…


We’ve finally had that hard frost and a big wind storm and there wasn’t much colour left! (And we’ve had a good dumping of snow since this picture was taken)


There were a bunch of wild pears left on a tree. I’m going to have to remember that for next year… we can harvest a little free fruit!


Looks like those wind storms did some damage and knocked this tree across the path.

We didn’t hike as far as last year, but we explored the immediate area a little more and came across a little creek.


This is where it flows under the train tracks…


And then continues on it’s long journey to Lake Ontario. If you look closely, you can see a little ice around the edges. It was quite chilly out.


Our final destination was the rail line the runs through just before the hiking trail starts climbing the escarpment. I’m saving the sock pictures for the pattern release…


But here’s a little sneak peak of all 12 beauties together!

5 thoughts on “Another fall hike

  1. Shirley

    What an awesome collection of socks! You should be very proud of your upcoming book. And, yes, that’s how fall is looking where I live also. We only had a few days that were truly fall weather. I can imagine how pretty that area would have been with fall foliage.


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