QotG check in

The Leader and Ender HSTs are really starting to pile up. And there’s a time in every L&E project where it ceases to become an L&E project and it goes into regular rotation.


I had a  feeling we were getting close to that with this quilt, so I decided it was time to do a count.  I have 76 cut and pressed, 158 ready to cut and press (I really need to get on that part!) and 18 still in scrap form, but ready to sew.

If I’ve done my math right, that gives me a total of 252 squares. Now to get the layout I need, the number of squares need to be divisible by 8. So I’ve still got a few more blocks to go before this one goes into the regular line up and I have to start a new L&E project.

Here’s where all my Quilts-on-the-Go stand:

  • Autumn a-whirl: Still watching for a good deal on batiks for some borders for this one.
  • Marseilles Stars: This is the one I showed you earlier this week. It’s going to take a bit. I’m trying to get my intersections and points as close to perfect as possible, so I’m only doing a couple stars at a time:
  • A quilt for Ty: This one you haven’t seen yet. It’s a commission from neighbour Krista for her stepson, but we’re still at the fabric picking stage. We’ve pulled a few from my stash, but we need to shopping for more. But the fabrics we have are holding their spot in a box so I don’t go too crazy starting projects and forget that I have this one on the dock.
  • Leader and Ender HSTs:  Getting close to finishing up all those HSTs. This one is going to be a crazy one!


5 thoughts on “QotG check in

  1. Araignee

    You put so much thought into all your little scraps. I really need to take an afternoon and clear out the quilting stash. There is so much down there that I can’t find anything when I need it.


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