Bowled over

I was hoping to have at least one finished project today, but I was felled by the flu this week. While it involved lots of enforced couch time, I did even have enough energy to pick up the needles.

But my lovely neighbour Krista did pop by with a little pick-me-up…


A gorgeous yarn bowl she made for me!


Isn’t it so pretty?


And it’s already being put to good use. I’m on the mend and the needles are clicking again!


11 thoughts on “Bowled over

  1. Araignee

    Oh, poor you!!! Daughter showed up sick as a dog on Thanksgiving so I’m awaiting the bug myself.
    That yarn bowl is just perfection. How nice to have a friend that can do that. Ceramics used to be my thing in college but you talk about expensive. Those toys cost a pretty penny.


  2. I was felled by a stomach bug the night before Thanksgiving! But I rallied for a bit to eat food and then back down. By Friday my needles were clicking, so I got lots of work done on the Christmas Hats. I should be finished with 5 by mid Dec?


  3. Shirley

    Sure hope you were better in time to enjoy Thanksgiving! Or, at the very least, Thanksgiving leftovers. The bowl is just beautiful and what a talented neighbor you have. The yarn is also very pretty and look forward to seeing what it will become.


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