My camp-out on the couch continues…


At least I have good company. Though he insists on playing bed mice with my toes when I’m trying to nap.

I did manage to finish my hat, but I haven’t had enough energy to make it up to the sewing machine. And that’s bugging me, because I’ve just learned of two new babies on the way. One to a coworker out west, and one to a cousin! These babies need quilts!

But all I can do is think about what I want to do…


I have this cute fat quarter set in the stash – and there are so many possibilities with fat quarters. But it also came with this little panel…


I’m thinking maybe cut those squares apart, and surround them with some simple block sashing… what do you think?

For the second quilt, I’ve got this sweet little charm pack full of adorable little bears


I’m thinking maybe another Moda love… or something similar.

Either way… I can’t do anything until this darn virus passes. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s morphed into bronchitis… I’m back to the Dr. tomorrow for confirmation. Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “Percolating

  1. So many people are sick right now! All those holiday gatherings seem to mix the germs out there so well. Please feel better soon. Your baby quilts will be loved. As for kitties and toes…..we have played that game!


  2. Shirley

    I hope you can get back to normal very soon and avoid bronchitis! That is the most beautiful and photogenic cat keeping you company. The fabrics in the quilt go very nicely with his fur. Your fabrics are beautiful and so much potential. Using the sections of the panel with sashing sounds great. Maybe add stars, pinwheels, four patches, etc. for cornerstones or sashing intersections. Hope you make it to the sewing room soon.


  3. Oh man Valerie, I’m sorry to see you are stricken with the ills! My in laws got hit hard this year. Feel better fast. I love your supervising nurse though, despite the bed mice. hehe. They look very comforting and supportive.

    I love all the fabrics for your quilts. I hope you are back at it very soon!


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