FO: Scandanavian Sugarskulls

Here it is!

While it is a bit of a complicated knit (you have to pay attention), it is a fun one. The combination of a gradient yarn and a cool design really keep things moving. You want to keep knitting to see the colour and picture emerge.

The gradient yarn was some handspun Mom gave me. I got just to the start of the green when I finished. It would have been nice to get through all the colours, but oh well. This works.  I may actually have enough left for another hat, but I won’t be knitting one any time soon.

Now, the rest of my Christmas hats should go much quicker. They are all worsted, and far less involved. And hopefully the doctor prescribes me some good meds this morning, so  I kick this sickness right out the door.

10 thoughts on “FO: Scandanavian Sugarskulls

  1. Shirley

    Beautiful finish! Sounds like the remaining Christmas hats will be just coasting. Hope you quickly get back to normal energy levels. There is too much happening at this time of the year to be sick. Take care!


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