FO: Family Slippers

We interrupt this Christmas knitting to work on (and finish) more Christmas knitting…

As I was going through all the stuff I had to wrap for Christmas, I realized there was one small present I’d forgotten about. Luckily, it was small and quick and I had them knit up in no time…


The pattern is Family Slippers and I used some Bernat Chunky Felting I had kicking around in my stash. I loved using the Felting because the single ply makes them look a little like the Phentex Mom used to use, but the Felting is much nicer!

A couple evening of knitting and they were done, and now I can get back to Dave’s Christmas socks. Of course, if I don’t finish his socks in time, he can always get them for Valentine’s Day!

8 thoughts on “FO: Family Slippers

  1. Araignee

    I used to love my Phentex slippers. I still have a whole box of that crazy yarn.They are the best thing when it’s snowy. They stick to the snow and give you great traction at the same time keeping your feet dry. I miss my Canadian friend who sent my my first pair. It’s hard to believe she’s been gone so many years now. Cancer sucks.


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