Under the stars

Productivity in the quilting department has really fallen lately. My bout with the sick, coupled with a really heavy workload at the day job has really cut into my sewing time. But this weekend, I managed to bang out a couple more Marseilles stars


They are made from charm squares, and since I can get two matching centres from two charm squares, I’ve worked out a way that I can sew two blocks at a time with chain piecing.

Last time I showed these, many of you commented how nice they look on point. I agree, and I think that’s how I’m going to lay them out in the final quilt. I just have to decide if I want them touching each other, or with a plain block in between (like in my bear paws). Then Mom could do some fancy quilting on the plain blocks!

It will really come down to how big things are working out once all my blocks are done (I have 10 more to go). This is another couch quilt, so I don’t want it too big.

Of course, I’ve got plenty of time to decide – I’m no where close to finishing the star blocks.

9 thoughts on “Under the stars

  1. Shirley

    Love the four patch center of the stars! Oh, my, the strips on that one star are wonderful. Both of your star background fabrics would be wonderful binding fabric – especially the striped one. I am always drawn to fabrics that would make the binding special.


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