Road trip

Yesterday was the first of our Christmas gatherings. My brother was suppose to come down the other week, but since the plague was ripping through the family, things got postponed, and we ended up going into him.

I loaded everything in Mom’s truck early Saturday morning and settled in with my back seat companion for the 3-hour trip north to Owen Sound…


A great time was had by all, but sadly I took very few pictures. All I have to show you is poor Pou-bella hiding from the big scary dog with Rowan’s stuffies…


This cute little set of fashionable felines the girls gave me…


And the purr-fectly wonderful outfit I put together for the festivities…


Now we’ve got today to rest, then two more days of festivities!

5 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Shirley

    Your backseat traveling companion looks like a real sweetie. The mugs the girls gave you are so cute. Of course, your outfit is spectacular! Those red boots just take it over the top. And the ears, so cute.


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