Little things

Just some little things making me smile lately.

Little thing #1

It’s on our list (and it’s a really LONG list), but we just haven’t had time to address putting up a clothesline yet. Unfortunately, my dresses can’t be put in the dryer (they will shrink). I’ve been putting them on my little drying rack, which is ok, except they take a couple days to dry thoroughly that way. If it rains, it means the rack has to be on the sun porch, and it just gets in the way. But the other day, I had a brilliant idea. I went and got some hangers from my closet and …

I took advantage of the mesh on the catio overhang! I kept them near the poles so the weight didn’t pull on the mesh too much (it probably won’t hurt it, but better to be safe). There was a fantastic breeze and within a couple hours, they were dry! AND as they were already on hangers, putting them away was quick and easy!

Little thing #2

Although I am trying my hardest to focus on putting all our extra money towards the house, I HAD to get myself something clothing related.

We know winters here are going to be colder/harder than at the townhouse. Part of that is because the area gets hit harder, but also because this house is older, and frankly – the windows are crap. We aren’t going to be able to update them all before winter, but I’ve got lots of quilts and warm woolies. I should be ok. But just in case, I wanted to be prepared.

Last winter, I found a fabulous company in Scotland that not only makes merino wool tights, but they also make them in my curvalicious size. I got two pair from them last year (a black and a burgundy) and they are FABULOUS!!! Fit great, not at all itchy, and nice and toasty. While I got them to wear with my dresses, they also slide nicely under a pair of jeans to keep you toasty like long underwear without the bulk.

I thought it prudent to see if I could get a couple more pairs. And naturally, while on their website, I fell down the rabbit hole and started looking at their “Hallowe’en” tights. And there was a pair on that page I HAD TO HAVE. Can you guess which ones???

I mean, how could I not? Because the dresses I wear fall to my knee or just below, you don’t actually see the cats unless I’m twirling, sitting, or hiking my skirt up – and I love that! They look just like normal tights otherwise!

And they are going to look killer with my favourite Christmas dress!

Little thing #3


Over the years, I’ve learned that orchids really like north or east facing windows. At the townhouse, I didn’t have a place that would work for them and managed to murder every orchid I owned. The only one I had that did well was the one I kept at the office in a north-facing window.

When we moved here, I knew I had several places for orchids and was determined to get one at the first chance! Unfortunately, all the orchids I came across were well over $20. With everything going on, I couldn’t justify spending that much on a plant.

But last week, I stopped in Giant Tiger to get some clothes for Dave and there they were! Orchids for just $10! I really should have gotten only one, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better!

Little thing #4

I mentioned earlier that the butterflies are plentiful around here, and I know it’s only going to get better when I really get my gardens going.

Still, it delights me to no end when I can get pictures of the ones that are hanging around.

Including these two White Cabbage butterflies who I caught in an intimate moment!

What little things are making you smile?

11 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Great laundry solution! We have an extra bathroom and I hang my dresses on the shower curtain rod. I drape the skirt on a second hanger, so the dresses don’t stretch lengthwise; one of them gets too low at the armhole if I don’t!

    I love those tights.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    I love all of your little things! Your dressing drying in the catio add such great color. Those orchids are beautiful and I see why you could not narrow your decision down to one. The tights are awesome but I cannot even imagine wearing wool tights. (Winters are mild in my area.) I smile at all the signs that summer is slowly (way too slowly!) fading and there are signs of fall everywhere. Lots of pumpkins for sale and I smile at every display. Obviously, I do not enjoy summer (too hot, muggy and buggy) and feel that fall is the best time of the year.


  3. I have a small walk-thru closet in my apartment. I purchased a shower, tension rod and put it between the two doors. Now, I have a place to hang damp clothes that can’t be in the dryer, and bonus, they are on hangers and already “in” the closet.


  4. THose TIghts. I must order for A11ison~!
    The hummingbirds are sti11 here
    After taking down a 40 foot tree with Fireman, Im so tired. I won’t be fititing from thing to thing tonight. Being tired makes me s1ow down in a good way.


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