Top swans

Despite what you saw in yesterday’s post… we haven’t been completely unproductive this week. I did take a little time to finish up the Swan top.


And I couldn’t be more pleased. I adore the silvery grey with the pale pinks and blues. It’s unconventional, but elegant. The finished top is about 32″ square, so it’s not huge, but I was a little worried  it might be too small for a baby blanket.


But my Snoopervisor ensures me it’s just right. And seeing him on it, giving me a sense of scale, I think he’s right.

I’ve got some pale pink that should work for binding, but I’ve got my heart set on a flannel back for this, so I’ll have to hit up Lens. I hope I can find something with swans, but I’m not going to be too picky.

Mom’s giving me long-arm lessons this weekend, so if they go well, I may  even quilt myself. Baby is due mid January, but I’m not too concerned with getting it done before then… as long as I get it to her by spring, I’ll be happy.

7 thoughts on “Top swans

  1. I love your helper volunteering to act as a model ‘for scale’! 8)
    Enjoy your search for a backing for this little beauty – I’m sure you’ll find something perfect!


  2. The quilt is darling and will be loved by the recipients!
    Does your mom actually have a long-arm? That would be amazing. If I ever make a large-enough quilt, I’m going to rent time from a quilt shop that has a couple long-arms.


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