In stitches

As promised,  I tried my hand at using Mom’s long arm yesterday…


… and it is sooooo much easier than trying to free motion on my little Singer. The main difference is that with the long arm, you’re moving the needle. With my Singer, you’re moving the fabric. As someone who loves to draw, I had a really hard time adapting to the latter – imagine trying to draw with the pencil held still, but moving the paper under it. Using the longarm is much like moving the pencil. It didn’t take long to get comfortable with it.


I didn’t do anything fancy – just loop-dee-loops, but that was just perfect for the Autumn in the Country quilt. Since it’s just a lap quilt, I was able to quilt the whole thing in one afternoon! I’m working on the binding now, so I’ll have an FO post for you soon!

And I’m already excited about quilting my next one!


5 thoughts on “In stitches

  1. How I envy your mother! She has and does it all, and you are following in her footsteps! Love the Swan top, I actually used the smaller baby blankets more than the larger, so I think it will be fine. And of course, Friday Felines are just adorable!!


  2. Shirley

    What a wonderful experience and I am sure you will have so much fun experimenting with different quilting designs. Free motion quilting for me is just like you described and I have to do a lot of marking. Looking forward to seeing your next project.


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