Knit year in review

2018 was a pretty good year, knitwise… I completed 40 projects, which is my biggest project count yet, though many were small, quick projects.

Interestingly, I did not knit one shawl this year, which quite surprised me when I went over all my projects. If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, you’ll know I love knitting shawls.

There were a lot of socks knit this year, thanks in no small part to my On the Go designs:


In fact, I knit 11 pairs, which I think is the most I’ve ever knit in the year.

While I didn’t get around to releasing any designs this year, I did work on them..

IMG_2701And I’ve been told my Cygnet protoype got lots of wear over the summer.

I was very pleased to finally finish the Empire Line Cardigan


A knit I’d started  and frogged and restarted many, many times. If you count from when I very first put needles to yarn on this one, it took me 11 years to finally complete!

And of course, there were many fun knits for the fair.

Sadly, I will not be entering the Ancaster Fair in 2019. I found out that the reason my beautiful yellow socks did not win a ribbon was because they were disqualified for not being “a new item”. I politely requested to know how the judges determined that, and provided proof that they were new  (ravelry entry and blog posts), but the Fair Adminstration couldn’t be bothered to respond. So I won’t be spending all that time on projects that can arbitrarily disqualified. I don’t mind not winning a ribbon, but I want it to be for a fair reason

So what will 2019 bring….? Tune in tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Knit year in review

  1. Shirley

    Well, even if you did not knit a shawl, you certainly created a great array of beautiful items. Love that Cygnet prototype. So sorry that you had a bad experience with one of your fair entries. Hope 2019 brings you and your family much happiness!


  2. That’s an amazingly productive year you’ve had, but you’re right about it being a huge surprise that there weren’t any shawls! (You’ll fix that in 2019, right?)
    And that’s truly weird about your socks being disqualified. Maybe someday you’ll find out what really happened.
    Happy happy happy New Year! May it be the best ever!


  3. You created a lot of beauty this year! Looking forward to what you can come up with in 2019. And just forget those biddies, their excuse is ridiculous! They just can’t handle your talent.


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