A few more stars

Work continues on the Marseilles Stars. As mentioned, I make them two at a time, but they are still fairly time-consuming, so two is all I’m usually able to do in one session.


I have six done so far (with eight more to follow) and as I mentioned, I’m really thinking about laying them out on point with a plain white block in between them.


I laid them out on my hall floor (please excuse the hideous vinyl tiles) and I definitely think that’s the way to go. Of course that won’t be happening any time soon… there’s still eight more stars to make!

9 thoughts on “A few more stars

  1. Araignee

    I’ve got the same tiles in the soap room and I hate them too but they do serve the purpose since I have to scrub them so often.
    I love those stars. It’s my favorite pattern but it scares me to death. I can never get anything to match up.


  2. Crickey! I’ll take your hideous vinyl tiles over our old, beat up ugly linoleum tiles any day! I dream of a kitchen rebuild; with new flooring, counters, layout, ceiling, lighting, and new windows too! But the floor bugs me the most…


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