Steady as she goes

While I showed you a glimpse of the first new project on Sunday, I still had another box empty. That meant I could still start something else (especially considering the nine patches from Sam’s quilt are stacking up fast – that quilt won’t be on the go for long).

Ever since Mom gave me the Cat Fancy kit for my birthday…


I’ve been dying to get started on it. And at the same time… I’m absolutely terrified. I’ve never made a quilt from a kit before. I’m much more of a fly-by-the-seat of my pants quilter. This I have to follow instructions.

I also use a lot of pre-cuts… this has what feels like eleventy billion pieces that need to be cut. But fretting about it wasn’t going to get it finished, so there was nothing to do but get to it.


That’s all I was able to get done before my back started protesting. But like the HSTs in the crazy pinwheel quilt… if I cut a few every day, I’ll be ready to start piecing in no time!

12 thoughts on “Steady as she goes

  1. Araignee

    I feel the same way about kits even though I buy them all the time. Daddio and I just made up our patterns so there was no pressure to get it right. The few kits I have done, mostly for the mini quilts were terrifying but worked out in the end.
    Good luck!


  2. Shirley

    That is a beautiful kit! I love the design and the fabrics. Since I have never made a quilt from a kit (my style is more make it up as I go and improvise), I am looking forward to following along on your adventure. From all of your various creations, I think you will conquer this kit.


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